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souls | bodies | eating disorders | stories

Jun 30, 2020

My best attempt to communicate the transcendent and ephemeral as they relate to the ways one might (fail to) relate to one's body.

Content advisory: unutterable sadness, a salty word.

Music in this episode was composed by Eric Satie and performed by Jaan Patterson. Additional sounds from Lex Griffin of Lex Fitness and...

Jun 23, 2020

Being in a body is hard. Gender, with all its layers of expectation and assumption, makes it harder. Eating disorders have an especially high rate amongst queer and trans folks, and are often not recognized as existing for cis men. This episode gets into all that.


Content advisory: some real tired ideas that somehow...

Jun 16, 2020

Narratives and beliefs don't exist somewhere in the abstract - they exist in our bodies and mediate our experiences of the world. This is the story of how the theologies of spivey's and SJ's childhoods did its best to separate them from their bodies.

Content advisory: bad theology, a swear.

Music in this episode was...

Jun 9, 2020

It can feel impossible to convey the inner experience of an eating disorder - why 'just eating' makes zero sense as a solution. This episode goes into that inner world: to the messy, dark, stifling places that can keep one locked inside.

Content warning: food, food logs, calories, panic attacks, exercise routines,...

Jun 2, 2020

In which we meet our three protagonists: spivey, SJ, and Callum, and begin to tell the stories of how we lost connection to our bodies.

Content advisory: eating disorders, mental health, hospitalization, some swears.

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Music in this episode was composed by Eric Satie,...